Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Reading Survery

How do you decide which books you will read?

When looking for a new book to read I usually first of all look for familiar authors to see if they have any other books, or any new ones. If there is no luck there I will just move on to looking at the covers and reading titles. If something interests me or catches my eye, I'll read the summary on the back or inside cover of the book and decide from there. Though most of the time the books I read I hear about or see them through social networking and friends. A lot of books I have read have come from reading a tweet or seeing something on tumblr.

Who are your favourite authors?

My all time favourite author is Ellen Hopkins. I love her style of writing, the way she breaks up her stories up to make it seem like they are all nice light reads. Though her topics  at the same time are so interesting and intense. Ellen Hopkins writes the kind of books that you can't put down until you finish, even though most of her books are around 600 pages in length. I have read all of her books and I could read them over and over again.
One of my new favourites though is John Green, I kept hearing about The Fault in our Stars and decided I had to read it. After that I was hooked. I love the way his words cause you to become so attached to the characters as if you know them personally. I just bought Looking For Alaska, and I can't read to see if it measures up to tfios, but I think I am going to save it for in class reading on Fridays. 

Have you ever re-read a book? Why do you enjoy them?

I have re-read every single Ellen Hopkins books at least twice, they are just those kinda of books that it's like every time you read them they get better and better. Also every once in a while the new books connect to some of her old ones, so I always like to re-read the old ones before I read the new one, just to refresh my memory. 
It's sometimes hard to find new books that interest me so when I find something I like I tend to just stick with it. 

Do you have a smartphone with Internet access? Tell me about it. 

I have a white Iphone 5 with unlimited data, so yes it always has access to the internet, whether it be wifi or i actually find a place in the school with enough service. 

Do you have a twitter feed? Tell me about it.

Yes I do, I'm not really sure what to say about it though. I would describe it as a typical teenage girls twitter. 

Do you have a blog? Tell me about it. 

Yes I do, I have a tumble blog. It doesn't really have a theme and I very rarely post my own stuff, I mostly just re blog things I like that show up on my dashboard. 

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