Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014! 🎉

Happy late New Year from me and my girls too you! 

This Christmas break was not too shabby, I didn't really get to do a lot because my granda and his wife were in town from Newfoundland and she took my car every single day, so annoying!
But I can't complain, it was pretty good, I got to spent a lot of time with the people I love which is what the holidays is all about. Though getting the boots I asked for for Christmas wasn't bad at all!

My very first pair of big girl winter boots lol, couldn't be happier!
My boyfriend also got me a pandora bracelet which was such a nice surprise! He got me a hockey, and a reindeer charm which is a little strange, though they are so him so I loved it!
Hmm what else, I really didn't do much like I said, though even if I did have the option to it was too cold! -50 is that some kind of joke! Why do we live here!
Anyways, for New Years I went to one of my friends house, we all got dressed up, which was fun because we never goet to get dressed up!
I'd say overall I had a pretty good Winter Break, now if only my granda and his wife would leave, don't get me wrong I love em, but them staying a week and a half longer because their flight keeps getting cancelled is enough to make me go crazy!

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