Tuesday, October 29, 2013

6 Word Memoir Debriefing

What did I learn about storytelling?

While working on my 6 word memoirs I actually had a lot of trouble. I have never been someone who was good with words but I do have a lot to say. I found that having to get my point / idea across in exactly 6 words was quite difficult. I always seemed to finish with 5or 7 words instead of the mandatory 6. I eventually did complete all 8 and learned a lot about storytelling. It is about quality not quantity. You don't need to write a novel to allow your story to be heard. You don't even really need words. You can tell a story with something as simple as a picture. Though you can also use your picture to enhance your words, along with font size, style, colour, etc. 

Where did I show my knowledge about using storytelling skills?

I used my knowledge about storytelling skills a lot through out this assignment
-word choice
-picture choice
Everything was choose purposely to help further describe my story because of the small limit of words I could use.
Where I think I used all there skills the best was in my first 6 word memoir of my friends and I at last years husky classic. 
I wanted the words to look faded as well as the photo to make it look old and weathered because of how it complimented and helped convey my message of missing something once it's already gone. 

What did I learn as a reader, writer, thinker, storyteller?

I learned to look at storytelling in new, untraditional ways. To "break the rules" of what we have always been taught about reading, writing, and storytelling. 
I learned that you don't have to be good with words to get the story you want out your can use other tools to enhance your story, such as pictures and font. 
Lastly I learned to not put so much thought into everything, to just let the words, and stories come to me. 

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