Friday, October 4, 2013

6 word memoirs

This picture is one of my favourite pictures of me and my friends at our schools Husky Classic hockey tournament. 
Yes, we all complain about school, waking up early, homework, etc. Though I'm sure all us grade 12s will look back on high school a year from now and think "wow I miss it". So why not enjoy it while we still can. 
After high school we will all realize that it really wasn't that bad.

My mom always came up with the most creative Halloween costumes, me and my sister never had to worry about being dressed as the same thing as someone else when we got to school. In my life I remember being from Sam I am to electrocuted and everything in between. But this one, this one she took to a whole new level. 
This is a picture of me and my older sister Vienna, this is the Halloween of 2002. In this picture I am currently in grade 1(age 6) and my sister would have been in grade 5(age 10). Yes that is right, we are Boo and Mike from monsters inc. And yes my mother hand made these costumes.
This is one of those memories me and my sister can't help but look back on and laugh. 
I choose this picture to go along with this memoir because I can't even count how many times I have said this to my mom. I know she means well and at the time I'm sure I loved it but looking back sometimes you just can't help but to think.. Why?
I can't complain though, at least I have a mom that cares enough to put that much effort into something for us.
I choose this font because it looks like a child's hand writing and I wanted to show what I would have said if I was in the same mind set as I am now, back then. 

I feel as though a lot of kids I know have gone through something in there life that had made them all grow up so much faster than they should have had too. 
Even kids I don't know, actual children, not teenagers, are trying so hard to grow up with the way they dress, the way they talk, the things they do. Why is everyone in such a rush to grow up? What's so bad about being a care free kid?
I choose this picture of one if my best friends, Alana and I because of something that happened that I feel had made me and her and all our friends have to learn to grow up and deal with real things. 

My grandpa is probably on of my favourite people in the whole world, he moved to Newfoundland about 6 years ago and since then I have seen him about 3 times, yes it is hard but he is still with me everyday. 
I choose the bold writing because I wanted my message to be clear and to stand out. 
I also choose to add the arrow because when I was little, about the age I am in this picture our favourite game to play was Robin Hood, I'm not really sure where the game came from, but I guess we played it once and it just stuck. 
I may not see him much but I think about him every day. 

I hope one day you and I can learn to get along. I hope we grow up and look back on all the stupid fights we ever had and regret all the time we had wasted. I hope now that we are getting older we can make up for lost time and at least pretend we like each other. 
This is me and my sister, we have never been those close sisters that I have always wished we would be but I know that with every year that passes we get a little closer and someday we will be.
Because Vienna, you are stuck with me so you might as well get used to it. 

If you really think about it, yes we are so close to being done high school but after high school real life is just beginning. 
To me this is a scary thought, I don't feel old enough to have to already be figuring out what I want to do with my life. 
We thought high school was tough? Wait till we hit the real world of university, full time jobs, and actual responsibilities, but for now, we can just stay positive and focus on that fact that we are so close. 

This is Lucky boy, he was the very first pet I ever had. My sister and I got him from "Santa" when I was one and she was 5, for that reason my sister obviously got to choose his name. She said "I am a lucky girl for getting him and he is a lucky boy for having a home" and that is how Lucky got his name. 
He was the most loyal and loving dog you would have ever met.
He was 13 when we had to put him down so I know it was his time to go, but it was still one of the hardest things in my life to this day. 
I choose this picture to go with my six word memoir for the obvious reason that I miss him, but also because losing him truly was my first heartbreak. 
The writing is placed upside down because that is how Lucky loved to lay and I wanted everyone to turn the picture to get a good look at just how cute he was. 

I could not think of anything for my last memoir because well I've never been good with words exactly like it says. I know it's only 6 words we had to think of though that maybe have made it even harder. Exactly 6 words every time, not 5 not 7, 6. 
I choose a completely unrelated photo that I took at my grandpas house in Newfoundland to show that things don't always have to make sense for them to look good together. 
I choose the fancy writing to once again just make it look nice, I wanted more the writing and picture to be the focal point then the what the writing actually says. 


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